Hi, I’m @thomasschrijer, designer at Present Plus in Amsterdam. I like to create obvious, useful, big digital things. Like the following.


The easiest tool to create a weekly email newsletter. I helped to create some appealing marketing stuff like the landingpage. If you’re nice, sign up for my weekly newsletter.

Top 10 Albums of 2014

As a music lover it become a custom to make lists of my favorite 10 albums of the year. In stead of plain text I thought it would be fun to make a smooth scrolling presentation of it.


I’ve helped Rijkswaterstaat, who are responsible for all the infrastructure in the Netherlands, with UX & UI design for their website.


One thing I like to do is help friends. Take for example Videobrouwers, they make promo videos. I crafted a logo and built a website for them.

You can also find me elsewhere. Like twitter, dribbble, instagram, letterboxd & mail.